Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, January 2011, “This will be a contender.”– The same passion for music motivated us to create the SS-AR1 and AR2 Loudspeakers. However, the Sony didn't work too well with the tubed Cary amplifier, this residual brightness balance becoming exaggerated to the point of unacceptability. Perhaps the huge Dunlavy SC-VI that Steven Stone reviewed in August (Vol.19 No.8), and Stereophile's 1995 "Product of the Year," the awesome Wilson X-1/Grand SLAMM, come closer than any other speaker I've heard to being able to reproduce the tight, well-defined lows that I experience live—but both those systems cost a lot of money. ", "At the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest," remembers Kassem, "I brought some of my own records and asked Ray Kimber to let me listen to them on a pair of speakers. The company records, plates and presses LPs in-house. Click on thumbnails to view and/or download larger photos of the SS-AR1 Loudspeaker. Dallas, TX 75219 Conclusion The Audiophiliac auditions the Sony SS-CS5 speaker, the least-expensive three-way bookshelf speaker you can buy from a major manufacturer. A copper ring optimizes the symmetry of the magnetic field, reducing distortion. Cone - Bass Driver, 1" Nano-Fine® Balanced Dome Tweeter, Sound Reproduction to 50 kHz (for High Resolution Audio), 120 Watts of Maximum Input Power, and a Frequency Range of 80Hz - 50kHz, this 2 Way, 2 Driver Book Shelf Speaker will enhance your … What appears from the outside to be a single enclosure is actually divided inside by two thick pieces of birch separated by an air cavity. ", Conventional wisdom has it that large Japanese corporations are insular. Featuring a 5 1/4" Improved H.O.P. The Sony SS-AR1 Stands Out at CES – Steven Stone,, January 2011. I told him I had wasted enough of his time. 2116 Blake St. Sony SS-M7A - speakers overview and full product specs on CNET. The SS-AR Series Loudspeakers have elicited the enthusiastic support of these high-end audio label owners and luminaries. However, it also needs to be wide enough to accommodate one or more woofers capable of moving sufficient air to achieve good bass extension. Sony SS-CS3 tower speakers Sony . While you'll hear that acoustic bass instruments have LF extension commensurate with their physical size, you won't hear any boom. You know the sense of anticipation before a live performance and the catch of your breath as the lights dim and the music begins. The three stainless-steel spikes supplied for each speaker, for example, are supplied with matching circular plates about the size of a dime to avoid damaging finished wooden floors. Like a priceless piano, the SS-AR1 and AR2 Loudspeakers are chiefly crafted out of wood. Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Loud Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth … The wood for the baffle board comes from Japan's island of Hokkaido where winters are extremely cold, a condition reflected in the tight grain, hardness and rigidity of the indigenous maple. It was with some surprise, therefore, that I realized that the bass pumped out by the modest-looking SS-M9 was, if not the closest to live that I've heard from a speaker, then at least up there in the Top Ten. The result is a narrow pyramid—fabricated from MDF, veneered on both sides, and filled with polyester fiber—that is considerable deeper than it is wide. Such was the case with Sony's ES SS-M9. (781) 893-9000, 1170 Nu'uanu Avenue, Ste 104 Sound Definitive Technology Bp.