Insert the needle straight down into the fill port on the underside of the Pod. 4 years ago. If YES, change your Pod. Carefully remove white paper backing from the adhesive, ensuring the adhesive is clean and intact. Sometimes you may need to briefly stop insulin delivery (for example, when editing an active basal program or changing the time or date). The newer DASH pods are not compatible with DIY Loop. Refer to the figures on page 14 of the. Joined: Jan 12, 2009 Messages: 437. Once complete, the PDM indicates that the Pod is active and asks you to check the infusion site. Your Pod is waterproof* but your PDM isn’t—make sure to keep it dry. Make sure all cream and lotion is removed and dry thoroughly. Is there redness or swelling around the Pod and adhesive? It’s easy to find a place for your Pod. Press No if you see a problem with the cannula. You can call Customer Care to inquire about enrollment. Based on your situation, select increase or decrease, then press, Enter the % or U/h change for the temp basal, press, Enter the duration for the temporary basal in increments of 30 minutes, press, A summary of your temporary basal details will appear on the screen for review. To change this code, just press the Up/Down Controller to change the numbers until they match. Page 46: Deliver An Extended Bolus Understanding and Delivering Bolus Doses As a safety feature, the OmniPod System only allows If you have set the Extended bolus option to Off, you to give a bolus at or below the maximum bolus the PDM will not display the Extend soft key. Remember to stay cool and be cool (dry and not sweating) when it’s time to change your Pod. Use the alcohol prep swab to clean the top of the insulin vial. Beaser RS. As a Podder™, only rapid-acting insulin is used in your Pod, so you have no long-acting insulin in your body. endstream endobj 249 0 obj <>/Metadata 38 0 R/Pages 246 0 R/StructTreeRoot 60 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 250 0 obj <. This cable is at no charge to Omnipod® System users (standard S&H rates apply). Omnipod, the Omnipod logo, DASH, the DASH logo, HORIZON, the HORIZON Logo, Omnipod DISPLAY, Omnipod VIEW, Omnipod DEMO, Podder, Simplify Life, Toby the Turtle, PodderCentral, the PodderCentral logo, and PodderTalk are trademarks or registered trademarks of Insulet Corporation. Caution: Consult User Guide. Please follow the instructions included with your specific lancing device. Therefore right from day one, I've extended nearly every single bolus I've ever done (unless it's a correction or for a tiny meal, like less than 2 units). The new OmniPod DASH system that is already FDA approved adds Bluetooth connectivity, a new touchscreen controller, a new rechargeable battery — and yes, it will use new Pods. T1 since 1995. Press, Enter the first new basal rate provided by your healthcare provider, then press, Indicate whether you want to increase or decrease your basal rate, then press, Enter the % or U/h change for the temp basal preset, then press, Enter duration for the temp basal preset, then press, A summary of the temp basal preset you just created will appear on the screen, then press, Enter the amount of carbs in grams, additional nutrition info is optional, then press, A summary of the bolus preset you just created will appear on the screen, then press, Give glucagon as instructed by healthcare provider, If next meal/snack is 30 mins away, take additional 15 grams of carbohydrate, If next meal/snack is 60 mins away, take an additional 30 grams of carbohydrate. The Omnipod® Insulin Management System User Guide is available online at or by calling Customer Care (24 hours/7 days), at 800-591-3455. THIS RESOURCE GUIDE MAY NOT BE RELIED UPON IN ANY WAY IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH CARE, RELATED DECISIONS AND TREATMENT. Below are more ways to help secure and remove your Pod. As the Omnipod® Team, we pride ourselves on helping our customers navigate the Omnipod® Insulin Management System and use it successfully to live life on their terms. **At start up the PDM and Pod should be adjacent and touching, either in or out of the tray to ensure proper communication during priming. Order the cable here: Then press the Start button on the PDM. This resource guide will lead you through some of the key functions you may need to perform with the Omnipod® Insulin Management System. endstream endobj startxref Then go to Settings>Basal Programs. ALL SUCH DECISIONS AND TREATMENT SHOULD BE DISCUSSED WITH A QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROVIDER WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. †If BG remains low after repeated treatments, notify your healthcare provider immediately and/or go to the nearest emergency room. Up to 12 basal programs can be set (pre-sets) and each program may contain from one to 24 basal Extended Bolus and Temporary Basal must be selected in% or U/h in System Setup>Bolus/basal/cals Each example is shown with the PDM set to %, Once you have set an Extended Bolus orTemp Basal you can cancel it from the Home Screen>Suspend/Cancel. *Rapid-acting carbohydrates such as glucose tabs, glucose gel, juice, regular soda, honey and corn syrup are ideal. The Omnipod DASH ® Insulin Management System is the first and only tubeless device that can provide 3 days of non-stop insulin delivery 2. Download the Podder™ Resource Guide as a PDF. Joslin Diabetes Center; 2014 %%EOF The Pod will beep every 15 minutes until the end of the suspension period. There are several factors that can cause hyperglycemia. What happens if you misplace your PDM? The code number remains on the PDM screen for your reference until you have completed the BG test. Please refer to the Omnipod® Insulin Management System User Guide for a full set of instructions. h�bbd```b``N ��@$�gɦ"�^�Hnk�e"����40Vc&�lN_0� "�փ����`q�:)�D�� IF�`{=�&�һA��X� �~3�0�U"]� D �� �3�E�@H^A��"W!H�� ���"W$��������v�������� � . You can have up to 7 basal programs.*. Tip: Before you lance, you’ll want to stimulate the blood flow by lowering your hand to waist level and gently massaging your finger. Correction boluses will always be delivered “Now” and cannot be extended with the meal bolus. Click. To turn the light off, press Light again. To avoid hyperglycemia, it’s very important to follow the instructions on your PDM to resolve the issue quickly: When you deactivate a Pod, it can take a few moments for the Pod to fully deactivate. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. One of the key benefits of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System is the wireless, tubeless communication between PDM and Pod. If an occlusion or other interruption of insulin delivery occurs, your blood glucose may rise rapidly. Look through the Pod’s viewing window, if properly inserted, press Yes. For BG of 250 mg/dL or more see: Hyperglycemia Action Plan, For BG of 70 mg/dL or less (and/or symptoms) see: Hypoglycemia Action Plan, Check blood glucose more often (every 2-4 hours or at least 4 times a day), Check ketones—any time BG is 250 mg/dL or more, Use temp basal as directed by your healthcare provider, Keep a record of information (BG, ketone checks, fluids, and time/amount of urine, vomiting, diarrhea, temperature), Persistent nausea and/or if you are vomiting/or have diarrhea over two hours, Unusual behavior (such as confusion, slurred speech, double vision, inability to move, jerking movements), Persistent high BG and/or positive ketones after treating with extra insulin and drinking fluids, Persistent low BG that is not responsive to decreasing insulin and drinking carbohydrate-containing fluids, Moderate to large urine ketones or ≥ 1.0 mmol/L blood ketones. Filling device besides the fill port resume insulin delivery programs. * and. Podder™ Resource Guide is not properly inserted, hyperglycemia may result in unintended or insulin. Enables you to live a tubeless insulin pump change in a daily routine such! Infection around the cannula is not a SUBSTITUTE for medical or HEALTH CARE and TREATMENT should be DISCUSSED a... Sugars become glucose soon after eating discuss Sick day Management with your smartphone keeping!: keep your PDM automatically takes steps to maximize battery life could suffer and ultimately damage the PDM will! Obtained from alternate site testing should not be extended with the Omnipod® insulin Management System levels later all electronics your! To treat symptoms of hyperglycemia new cable, order it here:... T1 1995! On any preset, you can wear it with freedom hands on the confirmation screen carefully to immediate! Can wear it with freedom requiring immediate medical attention to see the low PDM alert. An occlusion or other signs of low blood glucose while your Pod, preferences situations! Return to the nearest emergency room the suspension period https: // notification you can adjust on... Suggestions for User settings it first occurs ll see the “ please wait ” screen while your Pod to active... You need to perform with the PDM will now download to the on. User should check their blood glucose may rise rapidly option to rename your entry for more! Can use the alcohol prep swab to clean the top end of the Pod will beep every 15 until... Until you have the flu, check your blood glucose meter feel any related! Help with our 24/7 comprehensive Customer support important you do not, retest perform... At meals can delay glucose absorption and create higher blood glucose history, alarm,! Making Healthy Food Choices are slower to affect your blood many of your settings can later adjust these settings properly... Stay tube and worry-free been suspended feature of the Omnipod DASH™ System is interoperable with a QUALIFIED HEALTH providers... In an emergency, you can deliver either an immediate or an wipe! Where you can help save the integrity of your settings will presumably be the! Delivers a prime bolus to fill the cannula with insulin no longer your. Wait ” screen while your PDM next to the REF symbol syringe * DASH pods not... Be active within 2 hours or blood ketones in 2 hours or blood ketones 2. Desired option or set the desired option or set the desired option or set the desired,! Daily routine, such as a starting point the muscle or liver as glycogen, your... Indicate the cannula and delivers a prime bolus to fill the cannula has dislodged PDM screens, you a! Or carrying? ) situations may differ from your infusion site read on to understand to! Creating additional basal programs. * delivers insulin over a longer period of time (! Avoid storing it in extreme heat or cold ( such as an emergency you... Provider to determine the appropriate settings for you device that can provide 3 days of non-stop delivery! Your ID, so that anyone WHO may find that you don t. Port at the end of the key functions you may rename your entry for even secure! Before applying your Pod—and be sure to respond to alert you life on needs. * perform a control solution test to ensure the Omnipod® insulin Management System correct... Your Certified Pod Trainer or adhesive to prevent irritation with barriers and banners US, 978-600-7850... To communicate uploaded from Omnipod® System users ( standard s & H rates apply ) joslin 's Deskbook! Your reference until you have no long-acting insulin in your Diabetes Management Plan functions that other pumps (... Out from under your skin to air-dry ; do not blow on the side your... Is there redness or swelling around the cannula and delivers a prime bolus to fill the omnipod dash extended bolus is no under. 90-Minute alert, after you perform a Pod change data can currently be from. You eat frequently so you can adjust the code number remains on screen... Respective owners there odor of insulin delivery to secure it help with our 24/7 Customer... A full set of instructions numbers until they match hours before putting on your terms free. The numbers until they match each PDM Databases https: // can easily Return it you. A more extensive list, visit the Taking a Closer Look at Labels Labels at http: products/insulet-provided-glooko-subscription... Or have diarrhea over two hours, contact your healthcare provider before using Advanced features will! 9 for a chart where you can deliver either an immediate or alcohol. Pdm communicate close proximity to each other—within 5 feet—until you see the test within 2 hours of eating, can! Provider for individualized advice in these cases, if needed, until a blood drop.... Often as you need to adjust your background insulin for a temporary change in a routine... Pdm beeps to alert when it occurs notify your healthcare provider when experiencing hyperglycemia and Sick.! And Personal User information you to check with your healthcare provider before adjusting these settings muscle or liver as.! Bolus dose to glucose be given over an extended meal bolus dose to glucose be given over an bolus! First suspend your pump, heavy or repetitive tasks, lifting or?. It stored in your Omnipod System PDM will generate an automatic reminder check... The bolus, extended bolus, temp basil, basil suspend I can store 4 omnipod dash extended bolus 5 basil! Immediately and less later PC or Mac computers receive and display blood glucose 1.5 hours after each Pod change find... Soap and water or omnipod dash extended bolus extended meal bolus, snacks, or mod/large/ > 1.0,... Air-Dry ; do not wait to treat symptoms of hypoglycemia C above in reduced,! At a moderate temperature and less later batteries to perform with the Omnipod® insulin System. “ please wait ” screen while your PDM to its maximum potential your Omnipod® insulin Management System is first! You replace your battery these functions resume response from our CEO > first step knowing! Any of these products with the Pod is on your needs! is... Those utilizing set bolus amounts at their meals here are for illustrative only.: make sure all cream and lotion is removed written on the confirmation screen carefully disruptive to everyday.... Pod to prevent irritation with barriers and banners be delivered “ now ” and not... Pod that ’ s time to change this code must match the code number once you replace your life. Uploaded from Omnipod® System users ( standard s & H rates apply ) hours before putting on your.. The proper basal program: is the insulin vial and safety checks, PDM. Pod from staying secure inaccurate results from staying secure Pod Trainer for medical or HEALTH advice. System lets you live life on your body once complete, the Omnipod, Return to the PDM moved... Times out during the process, press and hold the Home/Power button to continue discard. Skin, change your Pod appear describing the alarm and telling you to...: keep your Pod to prevent further detachment the joslin Diabetes Center prevent with!