I'm not that keen on the stock cross bars. Toyota. Top roof rack options: Full-Length & Small Basket Racks – We covered them all! Prinsu 2007-2020 Toyota Tundra Top Rack (5.5' Bed) Prinsu. The Crestone (2010-2021 4Runner Roof Rack) from 879.00. Toyota 4Runner 2017-2019. The quality is unquestionable, the design was the first one of its class, and all the accessories you can add to the tent (shoe bags, storage shelves, insulation layers), are not only of great quality, but very easy to install onto the tent. Online Store. Quantity Add to Cart. When the vehicle is static, parked, the term changes and it’s called SWC or Static Weight Capacity. RCI Off Road all builds high quality skid plates, bumpers, and rock sliders. Needless to say. Real Name: Just call me the Grease Monkey. I have a Thule Tracker II rack on mine. There are so many options for roof racks it's unreal. 03-20 4Runner Rola Rack Mount Kit. (I wonder if it’s better to get one without a rack and just get the rack after I get a new car.? With such a great design, opening and closing the tent literally takes a matter of just less than 60 seconds, just like a hardshell, despite being a softshell. Select options; 2014+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid front bumper with 20″ HEISE LED $ 1,105.00-Add to cart; 2014+ 4Runner Slimline Hybrid front bumper $ 905.00-Add to cart ; GX470 Incognito Hidden Winch $ 499.00-Select options; Who We Are. Posted on May 25, 2020 by Karsten Koberg. You are in safe hands. Made in South Africa, it has been tested on the toughest off road conditions, and this is a truly high quality tent. collapse. ), All blog comments are checked prior to publishing, iKamper: The Story Behind the Skycamp RTT, The Story Behind Roost USA, a 100% USA-Made Brand, 8 Softshell RTTs For Hardcore Overlanders, Rincon RTT By HIT Vs Type E By Odin Designs, Top 5 Roof Top Tents For Your Toyota 4Runner. In the article below we will walk you through the planning and design and the building of the roof rack that we use on our 1st Generation 4-Runner. Aug 9, 2020 - Top 14 Roof Rack Options for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma - Multiple Styles, Designs and Types to Choose From, Pros and Cons, Company Backgrounds & Features And they will certainly look well over your 4Runner. The Rammstein (2003-2010 Porsche Cayenne Roof Rack) from 879.00. The tent also has a 3” thick hi-density foam mattress and the tent includes a bunch of accessories with it: anti-condensation mat, an LED light strip, 2 boot bags, a utility net under the base, and an XL annex, the largest in the market. Preferably, cross-bars that mount onto the trackmounts of your vehicle, as they are the stronger ones. You can contact us and we will gladly give you some advice. About Us; Gallery; Contact Us; FAQs; IP; Login ; 0. Skip to content. However, we’ll start first with some basic information that you will want to know if you’re just getting started with tents, camping, overlanding and such. 5 Of The Best Roof Top Tents & Ideal Rack Options For Your Toyota 4Runner Vehicle. I personally like the factory cross bars. In case you have a platform rack over your rig, then you can use the rest of the space to carry other gear and items, such as MaxTrax, ALSO, if you would like to share info, pictures or anything roof top tent or overland related, please feel free to do so, November's Truck of the Month - David & Cindy's Story, How To Get Your Dog Into Your Roof Top Tent, October's Truck of the Month - Dan's Story. Prinsu 2007-2020 (200 Series) Toyota Land Cruiser Roof Rack . ARB; Baja Rack. Other improvements includes a silver coating on the rainfly and inner side of the canvas, providing better shade and insulation. Love this article. Price. We will go over roof rack systems that will suit your 4Runner for carrying these RTTs and to allow you to use that rack for the rest of the year and actually find useful purpose to it. My wife has a Thule rack that attaches to them. I've stuck some serious weight up there, pushing it's limits. I have a 1999 4Runner with the factory roof mounts that run along the roof, but am missing the cross sections that go horizontally. Close Home; Products; Racks. All of them suit different people and different uses in different situations. Roof Rack W/Mesh 1790X1120mm (70X44) Add. collapse. Home Shop by Vehicle expand. Join us now! Before you jump into conclusions, yes, the Blade is not pictured over a Toyota 4Runner, but over a GX. The 1st Generation 4Runner is an iconic SUV, mostly because of its classic style and removable hard-top camper. Prinsu 4Runner roof racks can also handle a great amount of weight, over 550 lbs safely, securely and easily, even more. The Princeton (2003-2009 4Runner Roof Rack) from 799.00. The inside of the tent has a taller area in the rear, which allows you to leave all bedding inside of it. 14509 E 33rd Place, Unit E Aurora, CO, 80011 • 720-479-9372. Submit. So, if you’re getting a new 5th Gen and want to get a good rack, you’ll probably have to drill into the roof anyways. No products in the cart. 9706608134 info@sherpaequipmentco.com. 2003-2019 Toyota 4Runner Rola Roof Rack mounting kit . Regular price $675.00. It'll withstand any heavy rain and really strong winds. Lead time: In Stock. Quality is great, and will not take the whole space over the roof of your 4Runner. However, we still think the Skycamp 2.0 is probably the best fit. That means, that as a norm you want a rack or crossbars that can handle at least 165 lbs of weight when the car is moving. Prinsu. What are some good . Then another time, even with all 4 bars she came down off a steep ledge and bumped the car pretty solidly (on Black Bear Pass) and all 4 cross bars let loose and the whole thing slid out the front, skipped off the hood, and landed down the trail a bit. The footprint of the tent is big: 87" L x 57" W, but that's not a problem for a 4Runner. It might be harder to find just the cross bars at a junk yard though. WELCOME TO YOUR PREMIUM OVERLANDING GEAR STORE! The Skycamp 2.0 can comfortable fit 4 people, ideal for camping with your family. Roof Racks & Acc. The rack consists of 2 laser cut side rails constructed of 1/4″ 5052 aluminum plate. If you want a durable tent, for camping in colder and rougher areas, then this should be one of the first models you look for! close. The Premium features include an extra layer of insulation on the canvas, meaning that it is thicker and tougher against colder weather, a true 4-season tent. This rack will easily support a Rooftop Tent and whatever else you throw at it. The Yale (GX460 Roof Rack) from 879.00. Another great thing about them, is that most mods you do to them, end up looking great. Our 3rd Gen 4Runner – Prinsu ¾ Roof Rack fits 3rd gen 4runners and is a non-drill rack. Mild Steel (Requires painting) 304 Stainless (no paint required) [+$15.00] Part Number: 1016065. It’ll take 2/3 or just half of it. Cart. No products in the cart. It’ll be a perfect fit for your Toyota 4Runner. Oh gotcha. You might be overlanding in South California, or you might be up in Maine, or in Colorado or North Carolina. I have a 1999 4Runner with the factory roof mounts that run along the roof, but am missing the cross sections that go horizontally. The Quandary (GX470 Roof Rack) from 799.00. / that depends on design, materials, size, etc. There are many others which you can look at HERE, or you can shoot us an email and we’ll advice you. The Storm (2010-2021 Raptor/F150 Roof Rack) from 749.00. Don’t forget to equip your vehicle with the right roof racks, as this is one of the most important things about using a roof top tent. Prinsu 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Cab Rack (CrewMax) Prinsu. They handle a heavier load than the factory bars and the accessories swap easily onto my 87 VW Westy or my wife’s 05 Outback. Here in Wisconsin I leave the bars off in winter when not in use to avoid corrosion. That is known as the DWC or Dynamic Weight Capacity. These are incredibly high quality vehicles, every single version is excellent. It’s just a list with very reliable recommendations on models of very, very high quality. If your rack or cross bars are 165 lbs DWC, then your SWC will be around 450 lbs or more. The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform can also handle weights over 600 lbs, and the Backbone system both the crossbars and the platform rack, can handle even more. The Grand Teton (2005-2021 Double Cab Tacoma Roof Rack… The High Country 80” Premium has space to easily fit 4 adults, and even a family of 5 with 2 adults and 3 children. Tepui has been in the American roof top tent game for almost a decade. In this video we show you how to install a Sherpa Equipment Co. Roof Rack LC100 1790X1120mm (70X44) Add. 4th Gen Rav4 (2012 … Bajarack provides overland & off-road enthusiasts the best in class roof racks and equipment security for your vehicle. In case you have a platform rack over your rig, then you can use the rest of the space to carry other gear and items, such as MaxTrax, water tanks, RotoPax or other rack accessories. Whether that’s racks, suspensions, recovery equipment, new tires, rock sliders, you name it: the 4Runner will own them like almost no other car out there can. She doubled them up after that - 4 cross bars. Shop by Vehicle Toyota Tacoma expand. The 3 entrance doors to the annex room can be opened up and used as 3 awnings, increasing the footprint of your camping setup by a lot. Another great thing about them is their off-road performance, and how it has earned the 4Runner a spot amongst the preferred rigs for overlanders.