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Rit foundation successfully oraganised the Third International Rit Vimarsh Conference on Violence in Humanity in October, 2016 at India International Centre
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IIIrd International Rit Vimarsh Conference 2016 on Violence and Humanity

Organized by:

RIT Foundation


India International Center


14th -17th October,2016

Aims and Scope

Violence is one of the biggest dilemmas for humanity. It is perceived as a problem as well as the solution to the almost all the problems that have been faced in the history of humanity. This problem-solution dilemma makes it a tough task to define ‘violence’. Mostly it is defined and conceptualized as per convenience. To broaden the understanding, research and discussion on the topic Rit organised its III International Vimarsh on the topic "Violence and Humanity". Delegates, both national and international presented their research papers on the same. The chief guest for the Vimarsh being Mr. Tarun Vijay, the gathering was addressed by the High Commissioner Bangladesh Embassy Mr. Syed Muazzem Ali through a video message. Eminent lawyers like Ms. Monica Tyagi and other dignitaries made the discussion lively and involving. The two days event was a huge success.

1 -Violence- perception and conceptualization
2 - Psychology of violence
3 -Domestic and workplace violence
4 -School and teenage violence, dating violence
5 -Violence and the media
6 -War and terrorism
7 -The question of non-violence