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Rit foundation successfully oraganised the Third International Rit Vimarsh Conference on Violence in Humanity in October, 2016 at India International Centre

Aims and Scope

Post-Modernity and Alternate Paradigms

It is being widely accepted that era of meta narratives and universalization is gone and the only way is multiculturalism. This situation emerged from the failure of classical theories. Rather than a proper alternate, the goal itself is increasingly being rejected.

Theoretical approaches are going through the process of radical change. Basic assumptions of Modern or Classical academics are being rejected. But no clear alternative is being presented. Classical sociology, for instance, took Society or System as primary cause and individual consciousness was ignored in the realm of sociology. At best it may be seen in structural-functionalism. The failure of this approach in understanding and solving social problems paved the way for neo-functionalism, post-structuralism, phenomenology and such various other alternative approaches and methods. Overall direction was and is towards postmodernism which leads us towards no proper alternate other than nihilism.

When we try to enquire about root cause, it is found in the basic characteristics of prevalent western ideologies and thought process. It depends upon antitheses and dichothemical classifications. Thus thesis and antithesis never provide synthesis but antithesis after antithesis is produced and that too is dependent upon contemporary situational changes. To be honest, it is not theorization but interpretation. And this deficiency ultimately leads to the conclusion that human nature is something photonic.

Thus Social Physics takes the route to be Social Quantum Physics.

The commonly accepted western intellectual paradigms based upon categorization cannot give us new solutions for the problems faced by intellectuals across disciplines. The continuity, unity and balance required for this purpose must be searched for in non-Western traditions.

This conference intends to initiate serious enquiry into various alternate traditions in order to look for a different paradigm.